Vintage Fiat 500 Parts Shared with O.S.C.A. 1600 GT

Because the OSCA factory was not manufacturing its body parts and accessories (instead, sourcing many of them from Fiat), many missing items for restoration can be found by visiting (eBay Italy) and searching under “Ricambi Auto” (auto parts), then search on “Fiat” (manufacturer), then search on “Carozzeria” (body), then “Ricambi Auto d’Epoca” (vintage auto parts):

* Exterior door handles (“coppia maniglie esterne Fiat 500L”)- 15 Euro’s each

* Interior door pulls (“coppia¬†maniglie tiraporte alluminio”)- 15 Euro’s for a pair

* Rubber mounting strap for jack & tool kit – 7 Euro’s each

* O-ring for dash light controls (“gheira interrutorri plancia cruscotto Fiat 500”) – 4 Euro’s each

* Windshield wiper fluid bag (“borsa acqua Fiat”) – can range up to 70 Euro’s depending on originality and ink label

* Turn signal switch column assembly (“devioluci Fiat”) – can range up to 150 Euro’s with the correct chrome tree arms

* Dash indicator lights (“croscotto luce”) – up to 30 Euro’s for original vintage lights

* Jack (“crick”) – 30 Euro’s

The pictures included in this post were taken from eBay/Italy. ¬†A good eBay seller store is “Passione500Fiat” (eBay user name “passione500”) and “Italia Ricambi d’Epoca” (eBay user name “indris74”).

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