O.S.C.A. Parts Sources

FIAT OSCA SPECIALIST PARTS http://www.fiatoscaspecialparts.nl/

Salvage Fiat 1600S engine, gearbox, and steering parts)

Theo van de Berg (Netherlands)

VENDILO http://www.vendilo.com

Engine accessory items, internal parts, ignition, and other vintage assemblies

Simone (San Marino)

OKP ENGINEERING http://www.okp.de

Parts shared with Alfa Romeo such as Carello light assemblies, Jaeger gauges, & Zagato items.

Christian Ondrak (Germany)

STRADA & CORSA http://www.stradaecorsa.com

Dutch restorer of fine Italian cars such as Ferrari, Lancia, Fiat 8V, Siata, and more.

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