OSCA, La Rivincita Dei Maserati (book)

With 350 pages and over 300 photos in a 10×11 inch format, it is large enough to present the superb photos without creating a problem on the bookshelf. ¬†Due to the abundant material, it is a book which begs for constant use and referal.

The fact that the text is Italian-only matters little, although admittedly an English language version would make life a little easier. The photos, most obtained from the OSCA archives, Franco Zagari, Cesare Cabianca,and Corrado Millanta, have been selected with care, documenting the entire history of OSCA.

The first section of the book, “La storia industriale e sportiva” relates the history of the OSCA, beginning as the contract with the Orsis is about to expire in 1947. Later that year, having sold the rights to the Maserati name, the brothers created the “Officine Specializzate Costruzioni Automobili” and hence the “Maserati’s revenge” of the subtitle. The brothers continued on until November of 1966, when the remaining brothers retired and assets were sold to MV Augusta. Section two is a color portfolio of OSCAs.

The next section is devoted to listing all of the races OSCA cars participated in from 1948 to 1970. Most of the cars are identified with not only the race number but serial number, making it a very useful document. Most of the results are naturally from Italian events, but to his credit, Orsini made a serious attempt to include as many of the U.S. events as possible.

Section four lists all drivers who ever raced an OSCA, (and they didn’t forget Tony Bettenhausen). Sixteen OSCA models, from the MT4 to the last 1600 SP, are detailed in section five, along with complete specification tables.

Finally, all serial numbers are listed with owner’s name up to the mid 1980s. Surprisingly complete and accurate, along with the serial numbers, the authors have included the details of the cars, the coachbuilder, and original colors.

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