OSCA 1600 GT Boneschi (chassis 072)

There are three known Boneschi chassis cars (011, 018 and 072). ¬† The engine for chassis 072 has been separated from the original chassis and sold for 6,325 Pounds Stirling (Lot 107) at the Bonham’s Beaulieu auction on September 11, 2004. ¬†Pictures of chassis 072 are included for reference.

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  1. niklas hannah says:

    there are three Boneschi cars.. two survive… This is 018 In australia today together with 072 I believe..

  2. have some OSCA engines for sale

    • OSCA 1600GT Admin says:

      Can you share details and prices? If you wish to upload some photos, let me know and i will add them to the site.

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