OSCA 1600 GT Fissore (103)

This car sold at the Bonhams Sportscar Auction in Gstaad, Switzerland on December 20, 2008 for approximately $68,000 USD (75,000 CHF).  The car was described as having wrinkled/chipped paint but is otherwise complete.  Bonham’s Gstaad auction has developed a reputation over the last 10 years of featuring cars with “suspect” pedigree and/or average condition.  Former head of the automobile auction team (Simon Kidston) has now struck out on his own as an independent broker of cars and is trying to sell chassis 097 in 2010/2011 (sale brochure is available on this site).

The Zagato-bodied 1600GT’s appear to be selling for 2X-3X the price of the Fissore cars, reflecting the more attractive design and the rarity/exclusivity of the Zagato name.  However, for the price this little GT is a nice driver that someone can really enjoy.

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