OSCA 1600 GT Boneschi (018)

Dan Rapley had an ultra-rare O.S.C.A. 1600 GT Boneschi (chassis 018) that had a Chevy 383 V-8 engine for sale in 2005 that was sold to Mike Nicholas, a collector in Australia who also owns Fissore-bodied OSCA 1600 GT (chassis 027) and is rumored to own a second Boneschi-bodied car.  It is unclear if the O.S.C.A. engine has survived or where it might be.  The car is described as retaining its original body panels, suspension & steering — but alterations include the Chevy 383 V-8 engine with nitrous oxide that results in 600+ horsepower.  Six-speed Richland gearbox, Corvette double piston brakes, and Corvette rear axle, Jaguar XJS wheels.  Interior seats are non-original and while the Tachometer and Speedometer are original — the fluid gauges are now Stewart Warner.  It has a full roll cage and fire supression system.

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