OSCA 1600 GT Zagato (chassis 097)

This car was listed for sale on www.anamera.com for 225,000 Euro’s, brokered by Simon Kidston (ex-Bonham’s auction house).  Simon’s description of the car includes the following:

“Copies of old Italian registration records included in this sale show that chassis ‘0097’ was issued with a Certificate of Origin on 2nd April 1963 and registered the following month in the province of Aquila, near Rome. The fact that the official clerk entered its make on the handwritten registration document as ‘Oscar’ shows just how little known these cars were even in their heyday. Chassis ‘0097’ passed through several owners in the Rome area before finally entering the famous Rosso Bianco Museum of pioneering German collector (and former sports car driver) Peter Kaus. Here it remained on display for many years before acquisition by Winfried Reiss, another German enthusiast, who registered it at his Italian holiday home in Castelveccana.

Restoration was carried out for Reiss in the late 1990s by the dynamic young team at Quality Cars in Padova, the group of ex-Dino Cognolato employees who set up on their own some years ago and now regularly turn out award winning work, and no aspect was left untouched. The body was stripped, repaired and repainted; new upholstery was fitted, together was a new electrical system and completely rebuilt mechanics, this work being subcontracted to Officina Antoniana, Padova’s official Maserati agent. Reiss enjoyed putting the OSCA through its paces and on one occasion damaged the engine during a prolonged high speed autobahn run. This prompted him to commission another complete engine rebuild, after which he sold the car in January 2006 to Jan de Reu, a highly discerning Belgian enthusiast with a fondness for unusual Italian post-war GT cars.

The OSCA was shown at the Villa d’Este concours in 2006 and the fact that it won its class is testament to the quality of the original restoration. Forty pages document the rebuild together with at least fifty photographs showing every step of the process.  In the late summer of 2006 de Reu part-exchanged the OSCA with a Belgian dealer for a SIATA 208CS berlinetta, and it was then acquired from the dealer by the current Austrian owner, in whose hands it has seen little use as, at over 190cm, he finds headroom limited.

The OSCA is Austrian road registered, has a FIVA passport, ASI passport (gold standard), and copies of its old Italian papers. The major components are believed original and overall we believe that this is an excellent representative example of a largely forgotten chapter in Italy’s sporting automotive history.”

The car was driven in the Ennstal Classic by Mr. Georg Geyer of Austria in 2008, then was sold by Peter Weisner Sports & Classic Cars (Austria) in December 2010.   Photos of the 2008 Ennstal Classic are copyrighted by Bernhard Egger and are being used with permission solely for this site — any other use is prohibited.

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