1961 OSCA 1600 GT Zagato (chassis 006)

This car was purchased by the webmaster of this site in 2008, imported and restored.   This car retains its original engine, gearbox and has FIA, FIVA, ACCUS and European car club papers (including FIA and ACCUS hologram vignette decals) allowing the car to participate in historic motoring events worldwide.  Over 200 photo’s of its mechanical restoration are available for those OSCA owners needing information for their own rebuilding efforts.  The car was sold in May 2012 to its new owner (a long-time motorsport enthusiast) in Connecticut.



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  1. OSCA 1600GT Admin says:

    Watch the fresh rebuilt engine start up for the first time after a 2-year restoration:


    Excellent oil pressure and ready for carburetor tuning.

    • Robert Wilder says:

      I just completed a 1 year engine rebuild by Robert Rogers in Nevada TX of a 1500 S Fiat-OSCA Engine. 100 miles later, the crank is a mess. Oil pressure mostly gone. No clue what happened. I’m 75 miles north of NY and may need to send the motor back to Rogers. Can I contact you to disucss?

  2. davide says:

    we are overhauling the OSCA 1600 gts ZAGATO number 096.
    we can’t find the timing chain.
    where do you find your timing chain?

    • OSCA 1600GT Admin says:

      Davide – nice to hear from you. Could you post some comments on our web page for this chassis so we can learn about the car’s history and current condition and location?

      With regards to finding parts, the best sources I have found are Theo Van de Berg at Fiat OSCA Specialists (http://www.fiatoscaspecialparts.nl/catalog) and Simone at Vendilo (www.vendilo.com) in San Marino/Italy. They are both listed on this website if you wish to contact them. Another place where I have found many parts is on eBay (US, Italy, Belgium, France) sites as many engine parts are shared with the Fiat OSCA 1600S.

  3. Michael Borg says:

    I’m looking for the side casting plugs approx 1 5/64 in. in dia. with 1.5 metric thread for a 1500 OSCA fiat engine block, they are fitted with an allen type center. The engine block pictured above show the plugs in the side of the block. Thank You for any info. you could give me, where I could order some.

  4. Robert Wilder says:

    Who did your engine rebuild? Did you have a new crank and conrods made and did you use NOS stock bearings or did you use substitute bearings? Was the engine modified in any significant way or rebuilt to factory Fiat OSCA spec for an OSCA 1600 GT?

    • OSCA 1600GT Admin says:

      The engine builder is Moorespeed (www.moorespeed.com). Yes, we carefully removed the original rods/pistons and saved them. JE pistons and Carillo rods were cast to the original spec parts, with the exception of reducing some of the unnecessary piston skirt (below the rod pin) to remove weight. I had a set of 5 blueprinted parts made (4 in the engine, 1 spare). Yes, I used NOS bearings (found a set on eBay; imported the other set from Italy). No modifications to the engine so it was built to original spec. We did improve valve springs/guides, etc. for durability. The 125hp engine is now producing probably 10hp more power due to the lightened pistons, polished crank journals, polished head, etc.

  5. fabrizio says:

    buonasera, sto cercando informazioni su osca 1600 gtv telaio 0026, vorrei sapere quanti ne sono stati costruiti con questo motore da 125 cv.

  6. fabrizio says:

    buonasera, sembra strano, non riesco a scoprire informazioni su questo tipo di vettura, neppure in Zagato sanno niente….ma come e possibile. Questa vettura siglata GTV cosa aveva di differenza dalle altre? il motore se e vero aveva 125 cv rispetto hai 105, ci sara’ una documentazione dove possiamo risalire a qualcosa?

  7. Hi
    We have a customer who owns this car now. The rear suspension has been modified at some point in it’s life utilizing rod ends and maybe even a different uprite. We would like to covert it back to original if possible. Any pictures would be helpful as I can’t seem to find any on the web.
    Thanks Brian

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