O.S.C.A. 1600 GT Zagato (chassis 011)

Chassis 011 appears to have been sold in 2010 for 220,000 Pounds Stirling (about $345,000 USD) and is a fine example of a Zagato-bodied car.   The below description was offered by Movendi / Germany who sold the car:

Ex Fausto Mariani
– Period Race history
– one of only 98 built by Zagato
– totally restord in Italy to concours standards
– Ready to show or tour

Chassis no


In 1938, the three surviving Maserati brothers sold their company to the Orsi industrial combine and entered a ten-year service contract. As soon as they had completed their obligation they returned to their native Bologna and established Officine Specializzate per la Costruzione di Automobili- Fratelli Maserati SpA, which abbreviated to OSCA.  One of the reasons for the departure of the Maserati brothers was that they did not want to be involved in the making of road cars; they were racers, pure and simple. Throughout the 1950s OSCAs performed magnificently in international sports car racing.  In the 1954 Sebring 12 Hours, privately entered 1500cc OSCAs finished first, fourth and fifth against works teams in a category with no limit on engine size, and it was a round of the World Sports Car Championship. OSCAs took class wins in the Mille Miglia on ten occasions and also won the Index of Performance at Le Mans.  OSCA was a tiny company, it never made more than 30 cars a year and all were for competition. It came as something of a surprise, therefore, that the brothers’ swansong was a GT. Its twin-cam engine was the last in a great tradition of cars and engines which stretched back to 1926. The OSCA 1600GT was aimed at the gentleman driver- a stylish car he could use on the road when desired but which could equally be entered in competition at the weekend with a good chance of a class award. Zagato clothed the OSCA chassis with lightweight berlinetta coachwork featuring their trademark double bubble roof bulges to allow sufficient headroom (important when wearing a helmet) whilst keeping frontal area to a minimum. In a clever styling trick, the OSCAs rooftop bulges ended in outlets for cockpit ventilation whilst the latter continued the competition theme with skimpy bucket seats and the bare minimum of soundproofing. Innovative alloy wheels kept unsprung weight to a minimum.

Announced in 1960 but not offered for sale until 1962 due to wrangling over its homologation for racing, the OSCA 1600GT could be ordered in differing states of tune and with custom-built coachwork by the remaining few independent carrozzieri such as Boneschi, Fissore and Touring of Milan. Most customers, however, preferred Zagato’s sporting interpretation and foremost amongst these was Italian driver Gianfranco Stanga who achieved some success during the 1962 season with a works prepared 1600GT.

In total just 128 of these jewel-like berlinette were built, 98 of them bodied by Zagato, before August 1963 when a majority stake in the company was acquired by Count Agusta (of motorcycle and helicopter fame) and, as the Maserati brothers lost their power to decide its fate, so too the company appears to have lost its will to build the cars which had made its name. By 1966 it was all over.

Copies of old Italian registration records included in this sale show that chassis ‘0011’ was issued with a Certificate of Origin on 4th of Febuary 1963 and registered with the number plate ROMA 592364 which comes with the car. In the OSCA Book from Luigi Orsini and Franco Zagari, you will find a nice race photo during the Viterbo-Poggio Nibbio, where this OSCA was driven by Mariani.

In 1964 and 1965 Mariani was is serveral races succesfull. In 1966 at the 27´th of April it changed over to Romano Gilberto in Roma on the number plate ROMA 937208. The old Carta Di Circolazione per Autovettura is coming with the car.. Chassis ‘0011’ passed through several owners in the Rome area before it was sold to Sweden. Restoration was carried out throug Carrozzeria Auto Sport from 2003 to 2006. The trim is done at Luppi in Modena. Today the car presend in a concours standard.

1963 O.S.C.A. 1600 GT Zagato

Race History

Date Event Driver (S) Race# Results

03.05.1964 Trofeo Venturi,Roma Mariani 3th CL

19.07.1964 Lago-Montefiascone Mariani 3th CL

15.08.1964 Svolte Di Popoli, Perscara Mariani 2nd Cl

13.09.1964 Coppa Del Cimino Mariani 3th CL

04.11.1964 Conchiglia Shell Mariani 3th CL

28.03.1965 Coppa Gallenga Mariani 1 CL

13.06.1965 Trofeo Venturi Mariani 2nd CL

14.11.1965 Viterbo Poggio Nibbio Mariani 312 3th CL

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