O.S.C.A. 1600 GT Zagato (chassis 007)

It was a real pleasure to speak at length with the owner of chassis 007 as this car is one of the few 1600GT cars that raced in the 1960’s (1962 LeMans, 1963 Sebring).   The car currently resides in the UK and we will be assisting the owner in refreshing the car to its original mechanical glory.  The car had spent considerable time in the USA before being shipped to the UK in 2005.

Details of the car’s racing history can be found on the website Racing Sports Cars where it is shown as first having been raced by George Arents (USA) and Jose’ Behra (F) at LeMans on June 24, 1962 as an official OSCA/NART entry where it did not finish due to gearbox problems. It is curious to see a paper license plate on the car (42699 NY) as the car did spend a portion of its life in the state of New York, but is worthy to note it wore the N.A.R.T. team decal of Luigi Chinetti (USA Ferrari importer).  The car is recorded as having been raced by Robert Publicker (USA) and Burrell Besancon (USA) at Sebring on March 23, 1963 where it failed to finish due to a differential problem.

The picture of the car at the 2010 vintage LeMans shows it in its current day white with red stripe livery.

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