O.S.C.A. 1600 GT Fissore (109)

Photos (old and new) of the Fissore-bodied chassis 109, now owned by a visitor to this website (hello Monica!)


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  1. monica guerrini says:

    Hi, I am the new owner of Osca gt 1600 fissore number 00109. I would like to have these photos and informations about my car.
    where can I found body parts and engine parts ?


  2. jerome kinas says:


    this is a lovely car, and I am looking for one. unfortunately, I annot help with the info you require, but if you have the info or happen to know one for sale, I will be happy to know.

    best regards, jerome

  3. jak bianchetti says:

    hello Monica,fantastic carfrom Bologna. New enciclopedia for Maserati Bros,mi mandi foto? distinti saluti

  4. monica guerrini says:

    Hi,I need informations:where can I found or how can I reconstruction the suction manifold for weber dcoe38 carburettors to assemble on osca fissore gt2.

  5. OSCA 1600GT Admin says:


    Theo at Fiat OSCA Specialists (Netherlands) http://www.fiatoscaspecialparts.nl/catalog/

    Simone at Vendilo (San Marino)

  6. monica says:

    Hi I am looking for colour body reference for osca gt fissore .

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