O.S.C.A. 1600 GT Zagato (chassis 093)

In a Sports Car Market article, Raymond Milo shares that this car was “….part of a significant collection and stored near Chicago. The car underwent a nut-and-bolt restoration, and was fully sorted out to be driven. All the Zagato-bodied OSCAs came with Amadori magnesium alloy wheels, which are not only fragile but also irreplaceable. The owner was aware of that fact and had close copies made out of aluminum for everyday use. The engine (090) was professionally rebuilt and improved. A year or two ago, the car changed hands. The original Amadori wheels were not offered with the car at Bonhams, but the car looked as lovely as ever.”

This car sold for $90,500, including buyer’s premium, at the Bonhams Quail Lodge sale, August 17, 2002. ¬†This car is owned by the Ladwig family and participated in the Colorado Grand event in 2005. ¬† Concours pictures of the car with Illinois license plates compliments of Richard Spiegleman (carphoto@yahoo.com).

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