For sale: OSCA main engine bearings

For sale is a box set of 10 OSCA engine crankshaft bearings.  They were manufactured in Italy and purchased in 2010.  Asking $100 USD.  Steve (

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  1. Shinji Ichikawa says:

    Dear Sir,

    Please let me know how should I order the main engine bearings from you.

    I am e-mailing you instead of my friend. He is restoring the OSCA 1600 GT engine now. So he needs the main engine bearings (crankshaft bearings).

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards,

    Shinji Ichikawa
    Ichikawa Shouten Autoparts
    4-3-32, Nishiaraihoncho, Adachi-ku
    Tokyo 123-0845 Japan.

    • OSCA 1600GT Admin says:

      Let me check my shop to confirm I still have them tomorrow. Please send me your email address and I will send pictures.

      Do you have a Paypal account as an option to make payment?

    • OSCA 1600GT Admin says:

      Shinji – did you still want the engine bearings?

  2. john jensen says:

    Is the bearing kit still awailable?

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