Fiat OSCA Engine for Sale (1600cc)

Very rare old OSCA engines and parts for sale.  This post is for an engine that appears to be a Fiat OSCA 1600cc engine (stamp 118000).  The engine needs a complete rebuild.

Please contact the owner of these parts for prices:

Guy Moerenhout
Abarth Works Museum (
Industriestraat N° 1  –  2500 LIER
Belgium  ( BE 0633 049 021 )
tel: +32 (0)3 449 00 16
fax: +32 (0)3 440 67 80
1600 engine (driver side)1600 engine (front)1600 engine (passenger side)1600 engine (top)1600 engine close up1600 engine stamp

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  1. Antony Bright says:

    Interested in the OSCA engine, please provide details including price.

    • OSCA 1600GT Admin says:

      Tony – thanks for your inquiry. If you notice the post, I have included the direct contact information for the sellers of the engine and drivetrain parts. One seller is in Europe and the other is in Canada. Please contact them directly as I have agreed to post their spare parts on this website, but I do not own the parts.


  2. hallo ,this engine I place in a Abarth Ellena 1600 but I have another complete bloc. Also two other naked bloc and 1500 osca spider parts (first serie)

  3. Fredrik Letzen says:

    Dear Guy,

    May I ask, I have a similar engine in my Abarth 1600 Allemano, but my Abarth sign under hood says “No Motore 003530” and on the engine there are two numbers written, 84049235 and 82480.

    I don’t have the 118… number on my engine, is that because it is made by OSCA and not Fiat ?

    Do you know if my engine is based on 1500s or 1600s ?

    Should it have one or two carburetors ?

    I look forward to hear your opinion.


    Fredrik Letzen

  4. horst deutsch says:

    hi habe selbst einen fiat osca 1600 s erste serie bitte um preisangabe für getriebe 4 oder 5 gang und motor preise sind die vergaser auch zu kaufen
    danke im voraus horst deutsch
    1220 wien

  5. Kevin says:

    We are looking for a engine and gearbox, it wasn’t clear if Horst was selling one.
    My email is
    Ideally we would like a 1600 GT engine but a 1600S would work as well. We would even consider a 1500S
    Thank you

    • OSCA 1600GT Admin says:

      Kevin – you need to contact Guy Moerenhut ( who has several engines for sale, or Dario Calandra in Canada (604 720 3085) as he also had an engine for sale. Look in the MARKETPLACE section of this site for pictures/details.

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