This website was created in 2010 to address the lack of information available about the O.S.C.A. 1600 GT.

As a company, O.S.C.A. did not manufacture many race cars — and even fewer road cars.  The company is well known for its small displacement MT-4 race car, but its 1600 GT is rarely mentioned in books, articles, or automotive journalism.  The 4-cylinder twin-cam engine, near perfect weight distribution, and excellent handling characteristics make it an attractive Italian GT car for road or track.  The fact that its production was overseen by the surviving three Maserati brothers makes it even more important when considering the best small displacement GT cars of the 1950’s and 1960’s.  Lastly, the near 100 Zagato-bodied cars with their “double bubble” roof design are highly desirable (and affordable when compared to other Zagato models such as the Aston Martin DB4 Zagato, etc.)

INSPIRATION FOR THIS WEBSITE:  Upon taking delivery of my 1600 GT from Europe in 2008, I discovered the car would require some mechanical restoration after years of track driving.  Upon performing some initial Internet research, it became apparent that finding documentation, service manuals, and vintage parts suppliers familiar would be virtually impossible.  For that reason, I began searching for owners and enthusiasts to build a 1600 GT knowledge base.

CONTRIBUTING TO THIS WEBSITE: Because this is a blog site, comments can be added to each post and pictures can be added to the Flickr feed account (account: OSCA 1600 GT).  If you have videos to upload to the site, contact me for posting (WordPress limit video uploads to 8MB).

SPECIAL THANKS: I couldn’t have possibly restored my 1600 GT without the technical assistance of Michael Pauser (owner of chassis 082), Theo van de Berg (www.fiatoscaspecialparts.nl), and Simone at Vendilo in San Marino/Italy (www.vendilo.com).

I welcome input from knowledgeable O.S.C.A. owners and enthusiasts to enhance the information known about the 1600 GT.


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  1. Steve Favill says:

    I am writing a blog post on the OSCA 1600 GT and including some photos of one of these beautiful little cars that I took at Road America a couple of years back. You have a wonderful and very informative blog site here….. I shall make a point of linking to it so that anyone with interest in learning more about them can visit.

  2. john s, gordon says:

    greetings from original owner of #036 (red, no roof vents, twin plug head, oversize gas tank) at lemans 1962.
    < jack gordon

    • OSCA 1600GT Admin says:

      John – I think Pete Vack contacted you last year about your car (he contacted me and Mark Brinker also). I am in the process of selling my car to a well-known German automotive figure. Hemmings photo’d the car last week in Austin and I’m being interviewed in a couple weeks. It’s cool to see these cars finally get some coverage.

      Can you send me a few pic’s of your car to post? My email is spatti@polarityinc.com

  3. Phyllis Plumley says:

    I have an Italian friend who is the owner of the OSCA 1600 GT coupe 1962…completely restored…he may be interested in selling it. I will be visiting him this summer. Does anyone know of any interested collectors of this rare car?

  4. dugois says:

    Many thanks, I will do!

  5. Tom Ramies says:

    Hello all
    Car is a 1960 Cisitalia Osca 1.6L

    I have a customer looking transmission parts. The trans type is a 103-100.
    I can send a photo of the part needed.
    Wondering if anyone knows of a parts source for this transmission?

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