O.S.C.A. 1600 GT Michelotti (chassis unknown)

An ultra-rare OSCA 1600 GT with body by Michelotti.  Nothing is known about this car so any posts to this blog entry that might help identify the history, chassis number, or current ownership is welcomed.

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  1. M Burrell says:

    I know of a show car prototype from the ’68 (?) Geneva auto show, a one-off O.S.C.A. on Fiat Chassis, twincam O.S.C.A. engine, distinctive BMW3.0CS cues, separate taillights, and a ringer for the SL’s first “pagoda’ removable hardtop.
    Do you have other pics of the above car?

  2. niklas hann says:

    These osca michelotti.cars are.not tubular framed.as they.are built on FIAT 118S chassis.. I have seen about three of them but real osca chassid cars

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