Zagato Seats

For any 1600GT owners considering replacing their factory seats with Zagato seats (as featured in the Alfa SZ), I have measurements I can share from an actual SZ that I took myself:

  • Seat cushion width (at widest part) – 20.5”
  • Seat cushion width (at narrowest part between side bolster supports) – 15”
  • Seat cushion length (front to back) – 19”
  • Seat cushion thickness – 4”
  • Seat back height – 18”
  • Side bolster supports – 20” long

I’ve included pictures for reference:

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  1. Tim Reid says:

    These look fantastic. I have an Appia Zagato that Used the same seats according to the original parts manual.
    I don’t suppose you have drawings of the frame by any chance?
    Yours hopefully,

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