OSCA 1600 GT journals & main bearings

The Fiat OSCA 1500S has three main journals while the 1600S has five (this is the same Tipo 118 design shared with the OSCA 1600 GT).   The main bearings and journals are slotted (oil channel) on the end positions #1 and #5 — while the middle three journals and bearings (#2, #3, #4) are smooth.   To improve oiling of the main bearings, some engines have been found to have drilled/grooved bearings in the center positions.   Race engines will almost always be found with the variation/adaptation made to them.   Below are pictures of the standard journal and rod caps:

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  1. good morning , I am looking where I can buy bearings for a 1500 Osca engine
    Mayby someone can help me for a suplyer our place where to find them

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