OSCA 1600 GT Head Identification

Because there is so little documentation known for 1600 GT’s, comparing castings on parts with other owners is sometimes the only way to verify what is correct.   There are many variants known to have been produced during the production run.  There is a rumor that the 1600 OSCA heads were actually heads from the 1500cc engine that were modified (hence, casting beginning with “409”) however, no evidence so far has been uncovered to verify this and valve sizes on the 1500cc engine are different from the 1600cc.

Comparing head castings has produced a general consensus that the correct head will be stamped with “118” to reflect Tipo 118 (1600cc engine) and the head part number is 4045550.   This has been verified on three 1600GT’s (two Zagato, one Fissore chassis cars) and the two Zagato pictures are below:

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