OSCA 1600 GT Engine Block Castings

Several owners of 1600 GT’s have confirmed their engine blocks are stamped 4060944 and then have what is believed to be a date code stamp (for example: OU27, OX27)

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  1. john Mood says:

    Hi, I am trying to ID my Fiat OSCA engine with SN FIAT 118.044*002372*. This engine sat in a garage for years and is believed to have come out of a coupe, but what exactly is not known. I noted your comments on a block no. 4060944. My
    block has this no. It is being torn apart now for rebuild and still don’t know if it is a 1500 or 1600. If it was from a coupe’
    it most likely is a 1600.

    Your comments and phone contact would be appreciated.

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