OSCA 1600 GT Dash Switches

1600 GT’s that have been raced are often missing original switches and/or gauges.   This post addresses the switches and their functionality.  I have found eBay/Italy as a great resource for finding many of these old factory switches as they were shared with vintage Lancia, Alfa, and some Ferrari cars.   I have paid between 20 Euro’s and 60 Euro’s (each) for new old stock switches (2 position and 3 position).   A description of the dash switch functions is noted below:

LIGHT INDICATORS: Headlight (Green; right), Beam (Blue; left), Blinker (White; top center), Ignition (Red; bottom center)

SWITCHES: Radiator (on/off for fan), Head Lights (on/off), Instrument Lights (on/off), Wipers (on/off)

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