OSCA 1600 GT Zagato (chassis 094)

This car had been advertised in the USA for sale by broker Jerry Pantis in 2010, and is believed to have been sold.   The asking price for the car was more than $250,00 USD and the car has some interesting race competition history (see details in the “Documents” section of this website).   The silver/red combination is stunning as it the upgraded Zagato style seats.   While the steering wheel and shifter are not original, the rest of the car appears to be well cared for.  The car had been previously sold for $119,500 at a Christie’s auction in 1999 — thus, showing the immense appreciation of rare Italian sports cars of the 1950’s and 1960’s — particularly a Zagato body car.

We have located a few older photos of the car (below) that when examined carefully tend to indicate that the car’s steering wheel and red updated interior may have been fitted recently.  Also, early race photo’s show no side view mirror, but the car has apparently been fitted with a mirror later in its life.

We have learned in 2011 that this car does not have a twin-plug engine installed (as was the case with GTS models) and that the engine in the car is a single-plug variant that is one serial number different from 094.  While several OSCA GT’s were built with the engine number not matching the chassis number — the engine number should match the body ID tag.  In this case, it appears the original twin-plug engine fitted to this car could have been blown up and a replacement OSCA engine installed.

The car is for sale at well over $300,000 as of July 2011 with an incorrect engine.

The owner of this car is now Antony Childe-Freeman and the car was originally raced by Jack Gordon in June 1962; see Veloce Today (May 11, 2011 edition) for complete story.


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