Obtaining FIA or ACCUSFIA Papers

There has been much misunderstanding about FIA papers and what they mean for your 1600GT.   To participate in a FIA historic race/rally event, you will be required to demonstrate FIA registration for the vehicle.  This can be done via country-specific FIA regions, or if you are in the USA you need to access the ACCUSFIA.

At the time of this blog post, the rep is 50-year SCCA member and vintage racing expert Burdett (“Burdie”) Martin.   You will receive a FIA Passport with FIA hologram decal that is applied to the inside of your car (many owners put this on the dash, but the ACCUSFIA instructions are the A-pillar).  The passport book is good for 10 years and must be renewed upon expiration of the 10-year period, or if the car changes owners.

English representative is Jeremy Hall (jeremyhall@zoo.co.uk)

Additional vintage organization listings are found here:  http://www.team.net/www/vintage-race/vinclubs.html

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