Differences: Fiat 1600S vs. OSCA 1600 GT engines

Because O.S.C.A. built engines for Fiat for their 1600S cabriolet based on the same design as their own 1600cc engines, they two engines share many similarities in configuration.   However, the following are the documented differences: (pictures of an OSCA 1600 GT engine are included)

1) Both the Fiat OSCA and Maserati OSCA engines were built at the Fiat factory — just as Fiat built the engines for both the 246 (Ferrari) Dino and the Fiat Dino Spyder & Coupe in the 1970’s so that Ferrari did not have to invest in tooling for the 6-cylinder engine

(2) The Maserati OSCA engine had a different block than the Fiat (the Fiat block has a centrifugal oil pump and the oil filter screws into the block, while the Maserati OSCA block has the mechanical oil pump with vertical oil filter cannister); also the Fiat block is stamped “Fiat” (OSCA engines are stamped “OSCA”)

(3) Maserati OSCA rods/pistons/crank are forged (Fiat are cast)

(4) Maserati OSCA engine had a “finned” oil pan (alloy)

(5) Maserati OSCA engine had an alloy front cover (oil pump assembly is alloy)

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